Sunday, April 20, 2014

Protective mom sues DHS after 15-year-old daughter raped by dad during "supervised" visitation (Tulsa, Oklahoma)

This kind of sickening stuff happens way too often. Contrary to the fathers rights propagandists, fathers lie much more often than mothers in cases involving sexual abuse.

And these so-called child protection agencies more often protect abuser daddies than anybody else. This guy was catered to from beginning to end. And now he has the freaking nerve to CONTINUE LYING when even the DNA evidence shows that he was the father of his own grandchild. SICK.


Tulsa Mother Sues DHS After Daughter Gives Birth To Father's Baby

Posted: Apr 17, 2014 6:27PM CDT

Lori Fullbright, News On 6

A Tulsa mother is suing the Department of Human Services. She says DHS made a series of mistakes that led to her daughter being sexually abused, and impregnated, by her own father.

This lawsuit is about a young girl we'll call K.B. The suit says it began when the girl's father convinced her to make up a story that her mother was allowing her to have sex with men for money, but, two separate investigations showed that wasn't true.

However, while DHS was investigating the claim, they removed K.B. from both parents, to be safe.

According to the suit, K.B. was placed with a temporary foster parent, an employee of a north Tulsa church where her father is the pastor.

"How much sense does that make? Zero," said attorney Paul DeMuro.

The lawsuit says the employee allowed the father to see K.B. alone, even though his visits were supposed to be supervised. It says during those visits, he was forcing his daughter to have sex with him.

"To me, it's shocking," DeMuro said.

The suit says even after a school social worker told DHS the father was spending time alone with her and sexually abusing her, that DHS workers waited another 11 days before removing her and put her back with her mother.

"Any parent would be aghast at that situation. What's going on inside DHS that would permit that series of mistakes," DeMuro asked.

The suit says by then, the 15-year-old was already pregnant with her father's child.

Police were contacted and arrested the pastor.

He's charged with lewd molestation and rape in Tulsa and Osage County, because police say the abuse happened both at his home and at the church. He has pleaded not guilty and those cases are still pending.

The suit says K.B. was 16 when she gave birth to a baby boy, and DNA testing confirmed her father was the baby's father.

The attorney told me she gave the baby up for adoption.

In addition to suing several people at DHS, K.B.'s mother is also suing the father and his church.

DHS sent me a statement that says, "The Department of Human Services disagrees with the allegations being made in this suit and will vigorously defend the agency and its employees named."

A message was left with the father's attorney, but, we haven't heard back.