Tuesday, April 29, 2014

"Primary caretaker" dad charged with abusing 5-month-old baby (Smith County, Texas)

Primary caretaker? Primary abuser is more like it. Once again, a daddy with a trigger temper and no nurturing abilities bashes the baby. Wonder what happened to Mom? Was she working and supporting the family while this @sshole  ***ed up?

Dad is identified as JERROD DERAY PHILLIPS.


East Texas father charged with injuring infant

By KLTV Digital Media Staff
Updated: 04/29/2014 1:42 pm EDT

An East Texas father has been charged for injury to a child. On Thursday afternoon, the Smith County Sheriff's Department responded to a call for help in the 16000 block of FM 2767. The call said that a 5-month-old was unresponsive in the residence. The baby was taken by ETMC EMS by ambulance to Trinity Mother Frances and was then flown on to Children's Medical Center in Dallas to receive further treatment. Injuries suffered were two subdural hematomas, to each side of the child's brain, and bruising to the lower back. Family members told Sheriff's deputies that the baby had fallen from a bed, injuring its head. The father of the injured infant, Jarrod Deray Phillips, the primary care giver, told detectives that he was the only person with the child when the injuries occurred. Philips, 33 of Tyler, was booked into the Smith County Jail on April 24 for an outstanding charge of Possession of Marijuana. On April 25, representatives of Children’s Medical Center in Dallas told Smith County Sheriff’s Office Detective John Shoemaker, that the injuries the infant sustained were not consistent with the story provided by Phillips. Dr. Cox, with the Reach Team at Children's Medical Center, advised that there were no injuries to the outside of the victim's head, that would usually be associated with the fall. Upon further investigation and an interview with Mr. Phillips, he was charged with Injury to a Child. According to the Arrest Warrant Affidavit, Phillips is being charged with Injury to a Child (seriously bodily injury), a felony of the first degree. Judge Christi Kennedy of the 114th District Court set Phillips’ bond at $750,000. Jarrod Deray Phillips remains in the Smith County Jail.