Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dad confesses to repeated rapes of teen daughter (Jakarta, Indonesia)

The rapist dad is only identified as D.P. 


Father Confesses to Raping Teenage Daughter 60 Times Over Five Years

SP/Fana Fadzikrillahi | February 19, 2013

A father has confessed to raping his 13-year-old daughter at least 60 times over the past five years, after the teenager finally found the courage to report him to the East Jakarta Police on Monday.

The young victim only discovered that she was pregnant after she reported the crime when a medical examination was carried out.

The teenager told the police that she had previously not reported her father, identified as D.P., because he had threatened to destroy the house.

She said the first rape happened in 2008 in their house in Ciracas, East Jakarta, when her mother was not at home. The teenager said she was asleep in her mother's room with her two sisters when her father came into the room and raped her.

“I was surprised and fought back. He covered my mouth and raped me,” she said.

D.P. allegedly continued to rape his daughter when her mother and siblings were asleep. He told the police on Monday night that he got aroused when he saw his daughter's body and he did not think about the consequences.

“It was only lust,” said D.P., who works as a car salesman.

Adj. Comr. Endang, the East Jakarta Police Women and Children's Protection Unit chief, said that the girl finally decided to tell her grandfather because she could no longer stand it.

“She's grown up and she could no longer accept her father's erred deed,” Endang said. “So finally she reported his father to her grandfather.”

The father has been charged with multiple articles from the Law on Child Protection and the Criminal Code that carries a maximum sentence of up to 15 years.