Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dad abuses baby for second time while out on bail; infant "unresponsive to stimuli" (Clarksburg, Tennessee)

Lovely example of the double standard. Dads are not charged with leaving babies alone for extended periods with their mothers, but mothers are charged for leaving babies with the father. And if Mom tries to cut an abuser daddy out of the picture, she's charged with "alienation." Can't win for losing....

My question is with the authorities. Why did they let this POS out on bail?

Dad is identified as DAVID MAZZA.

Baby allegedly injured by father takes 'turn for the worse'

Posted: Tuesday, February 26, 2013 7:22 pm | Updated: 7:30 pm, Tue Feb 26, 2013

by Matt Harvey, Assistant Managing Editor

CLARKSBURG — A five-month-old baby allegedly injured for the second time in its young life by its father has “taken a turn for the worse,” Harrison Prosecutor Joe Shaffer said late Tuesday afternoon.

The baby, being treated at Ruby Memorial Hospital, “is currently unresponsive to stimuli,” Shaffer said. Shaffer will instruct his assistant, Kurt Hall, to ask Harrison Chief Circuit Judge James A. Matish to revoke defendant David Mazza’s bond in a hearing this afternoon.

Shaffer wants Mazza jailed while his prosecution is pending.

Mazza was free on bail from the first allegation of child abuse resulting in serious injury, dating to when the baby was 28 days old, when the second case of abuse was alleged to have occurred recently.

Suffering a burn to his hand in the first event, the baby this time suffered rib fractures, dehydration and bleeding near the brain, Harrison Deputy C. Diaz has alleged.

Mazza was released on bond this time, as well, but was put back in jail earlier this week after a veteran area bondsman decided he no longer wanted to ensure the defendant’s bail.

The baby’s mother, Sabra Nichole Hardman, 31, of Clarksburg, is charged in the most recent case with two counts of child neglect resulting in serious injury.

Hardman left the boy alone with Mazza for extended periods, and also didn’t seek medical treatment for the baby’s illness, Diaz has alleged.

Hardman, jailed on $200,000 bond, is scheduled for a probable cause hearing this afternoon before Harrison Magistrate Frank DeMarco.