Thursday, February 14, 2013

Custodial dad gets death sentence in torture murder of 8-year-old daughter (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

What institutionalized fathers' rights looks like. Sicko abusers like dad HAMAD get custody as a matter of they kill and torture the kids.

Wadeema's father gets death sentence


February 14, 2013

DUBAI: A father who fatally tortured his daughter was unanimously sentenced to death by the Dubai Criminal Court on Wednesday. His girlfriend was sentenced to life in jail.

Both Hamad, 29, and his girlfriend Al Onoud, 27, were convicted for illegal confinement and gross torture of Wadeema, 8, leading to her death and subjecting her sister Meera, 7, to physical and emotional abuse.

They had locked up the girls in the toilet and forced them to consume their own waste.

Wadeema succumbed to her injuries after being burnt with an iron, cigarettes and having hot water poured on her shaved head. She was also given shocks with electric rods and whipped with cables.

Meera was left with a 10 per cent permanent deformity related to a fracture in her right upper arm among other injuries.

The court acquitted them of concealing Wadeema's corpse because it is natural for offenders in such cases to hide the dead victims without seeking anyone's advice. It is the last chapter in such cases, according to the 44-page ruling.

The duo's defence had vehemently argued that a parent should not be executed for the death of his child. However the court referred to the Maliki School of Law insisting that a parent deserves the death sentence should there be an intention.

"In this case, there was a probabilistic intention as the duo should have realised that the excessive torture could consequently lead to death," the ruling read. Al Onoud had admitted to the torture.