Monday, September 30, 2013

Custodial dad beats 3-year-old son to death for defecating on bed (Nigeria)

Sure, there are cultural differences. But in the main outline, the ways that killer dads justify and excuse their actions are remarkably the same, no matter what their country or culture.

Number #1 for these guys: it's always somebody else's fault. Notice that this POS blames "Satan" for "using him" to kill his son. So it's all about Daddy, how he's the real victim. Boo hoo.

Number #2: Killer dads who have managed to eliminate the mother in some way very frequently claim they were "abandoned." It's also a convenient way of blaming the mother for the father's violent actions. If only she were still here taking care of me me me!

In reality, these guys are nearly always lying and/or delusional about the mother. If this Daddy was capable of beating a sick child to death for having an accident, just how do you think he treated the mother? That he beat/tortured her is just about 100% certain. We just don't know whether he managed to kill her (blaming her death, no doubt, on "Satan") and then concealed the body, or whether she was driven out because of violence and death threats and unable to return.

Dad is identified as IKECHUKWU OKORO.

Father flogs three-year-old son to death for urinating on bed

By Ameh Comrade Godwin on September 29, 2013

A 26- year-old man, Ikechukwu Okoro is currently in custody of the Ebonyi State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID) for allegedly beating his three-year-old son, Chinedu to death.

Okoro, according neighbours woke up by 4.30am on September 13, 2013 to discover that his sick and only son had defecated on the bed.

Apparently angered by the boy’s action, he picked a cane and flogged him repeatedly until the boy gave up the ghost.

He rushed the dead boy to a nearby clinic but he was confirmed dead on arrival.
He told the police that he never knew what came over him, “It was out of annoyance that I flogged my son, Chinedu to death. The boy had been sick for some time. It was when I woke up around 4.30am that fateful day that I discovered that Chinedu had defecated on my mattress.

“He was the only son I had. When I discovered that he had defecated on the bed we were sleeping together. I went outside to look for a stick to flog him, just like any other normal father would have done to his recalcitrant child. I found a bitter leaf stick and used it to flog him twice. I didn’t know that it could lead to his death.

Okoro, a native of Isieta Amanato, in Isu Onicha Local Government Area of Ebonyi State, further explained that his wife, Uchechi abandoned him in 2009 with Chinedu, his only son who is now deceased.

He blamed Satan for the misfortune. “It was Satan that used me. When I was flogging him, I perceived an irritating odour from his mouth and I stopped flogging him immediately. I rushed him to a nearby clinic around my area. The same doctor that I took my son to, took us to another hospital. There, the doctors told me, after examination that my child was dead.”

Okoro said he could not believe it when he brought the corpse of his child home, and raised the alarm that attracted the attention of neighbours. “They came to ask me what killed my son. I confessed to them that he died as a result of the flogging I gave him because he defecated on my mattress.”

“My son had been sick, his stomach was swollen before I flogged him,” Okoro lamented.

One of the neighbours, Ogbonnaya Orie who was the only person who pleaded with Ikechukwu to stop beating his son said all his efforts fell on deaf ears. “And when Chinedu died, he begged me to assist him to bury the child, but I refused,” he said.

Ebonyi State Police Command through its State Criminal Investigations Department, (SCID) is currently interrogating Ikechukwu Okoro at Isieta Amanato Isu Onicha.

The Ebonyi State Commissioner of Police, Mr Maigari Abbati Dikko said that it was a shock to him that the suspect, Ikechukwu confessed to have flogged his own son, Chinedu to death.

The police Commissioner said the case was reported at Isu Onicha Divisional Headquarters of the police and the suspect was arrested with his son’s corpse. The CP said the case had been transferred to the State CID for further investigation. He said the suspect would be charged to court for murder.