Tuesday, September 10, 2013

While dad was passed out at bar, 3-year-old son was wandering the streets; what happened to this boy's mother? (Wichita, Kansas)

Weird. For the second time today we have an UNNAMED DAD living in a motel with a toddler--and no mother around. And once again, the media isn't concerned or alert enough to ask why, or what happened to the mother.

This time Daddy left the kid while he went out drinking. Then Daddy passed out, and somebody found the kid wandering around a parking lot. The child is now in protective custody. Not with Mom.

So what happened to Mom? While did this boozing nitwit have possession/access to this child? Who gave him possession/access?


WPD: Child Found Wandering While Dad Is Passed Out Behind Bar

By: KAKE News Email Updated: Tue 12:07 PM, Sep 10, 2013 September 10, 2013

A man has been arrested after Wichita Police found his young son in a parking lot early this morning. Police officers were called to the 2100 block of South Broadway at 2:00 a.m. A three-year-old was found in a convenience store parking lot. A clerk at a nearby motel told officers the child was staying there.

Officers later found the child's father asleep behind a bar at 2032 S. Broadway. The child has been placed in protective custody.