Friday, September 27, 2013

Dad finally arrested, charged with manslaughter in death of 4-year-old daughter (Fort Rucker, Alabama)

Dad is identified as BENJAMIN SCHRAD.

Ft. Rucker Death Case Probe Takes Two Years

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It took two years after an investigation into the death of a young girl was launched before the child’s father was indicted for her death. Federal court documents show Benjamin Schrad was recently arrested in Nebraska and charged with manslaughter in the death of his four year old daughter, Emily. The indictment refers to Emily as only “ES”.

However, during a story aired on WDHN in 2011, Emily’s mother said she was told her ex-husband confessed to killing her four-year old daughter. The girl died August 1, 2011 while undergoing treatment at a Birmingham hospital for severe head injuries.

“One neurologist stated she would eat her stethoscope if (toxicology reports) came back as anything other than a malicious attack,” Vicki Schrad said during an interview aired a month after Emily died.

While Vicki said her husband first claimed the girl died due to an accident he later changed his story. “Until I became aware of the confession I said I don’t think he would be capable of such a thing. We were married for almost five years and never once did he display any anger,” she said.

Ms.Schrad indicated during the interview that she believes her husband, serving in the Army, was receiving preferential treatment. “If I’d done this I would have been in jail already. If I had confessed to murdering my child I would be put away no ifs, and, and buts about it,” she said.

However, the federal indictment claims Benjamin Schrad killed Emily without malice.