Friday, September 27, 2013

Single dad accused of beating son 60 times with belt; admits to 30 times (Broken Arrow, Oklahoma)

Dad is identified as IZELL JOHNSON.

Posted: 12:00 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 25, 2013

Father confesses to beating child with a belt 30 times
By Michael Purdy

Broken Arrow, Okla. — A man is accused of hitting his son 60 times with a belt as a punishment on Sunday.

Broken Arrow police say Izell Johnson admitted to using a belt on his 14-year-old, but said he only hit him 30 times.

Either way, Johnson was arrested at the Villas At Aspen Park Apartments.

Officers were called out to the scene by a neighbor. Police say the neighbor heard the child being punished and called for help.

The neighbor then alerted Johnson the police were called.

Police say Johnson then took his three children to a friend's place and returned home.

Officers arrived to the apartments and found Johnson out in the parking lot.

Police say he first lied to them about his name multiple times. After a while, he leveled with officers and told them his wife had died a year earlier and he was just trying to take care of his kids.

Officers interviewed the child who said he was beaten 60 times with the belt. This is when Johnson said it was 30 times.

Police say the child had bruising and red marks. 

All three children were taken into protective custody.

Johnson is currently in the Tulsa County Jail.