Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dad charged with felony endangerment for injuries inflicted on 3-month-old son (Des Moines, Iowa)

Dad is identified as ROBERT TAYLOR.


Father Charged In Shaken Baby Syndrome Case

Posted: Sep 23, 2013 11:10 PM EDT Updated: Sep 23, 2013 11:56 PM EDT

By: Sabrina Ahmed

A three month old baby boy was taken to the hospital with what officials originally thought was a breathing problem because he was born prematurely, but when they got there, medical staff quickly realized the problems were much worse than that.

When emergency officials were first called to a house in Des Moines on September 11th, the police were only there as a precaution.

"He had been born premature and he had been experiencing breathing problems since he'd been born," Sgt. Jason Halifax said.

But when the three month old child got to the hospital, doctors discovered these breathing problems weren't the same as ones from the past, and the child was air lifted to Iowa City.

That's where doctors found the boy had severe head trauma associated with Shaken Baby Syndrome.

Now, almost two weeks later, police and doctors have finished their investigation and say they know who is at fault.

"Unfortunately with kids, it's not usually a quick thing," Halifax said.

They arrested the boy's father, Robert Taylor. He's been charged with child endangerment causing serious injury, a felony that carries with it up to ten years in prison.

"A no contact order is going to be put on and obviously your choice, as a responsible parent, has to be with your child," Halifax said.

The little boy is getting stronger, and is expected to be okay.

"Responding to treatment, is still alive today, and is doing better."