Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Dad gets away with copping "injury to a child" plea--even though 2-month-old daughter was violently killed (Lubbock, Texas)

Why was this guy allowed to plead guilty to "injuring" a child, even though it sounds like this baby was viciously murdered? Sounds like typical abuser daddy coddling to me.

Of course there is no mention of a mother in the home. Was there one?

Dad is identified as JACOB TANUMA.


20-year-old father pleads guilty to injury of a child

Published: 9/13 8:42 pm Updated: 9/14 6:11 pm

A father accused of murdering his infant child pleaded guilty to a charge of injury to a child Friday.

Jacob Tanguma, 20, was sentenced to ten years in prison. His four month old daughter died at the hospital in November 2012 after paramedics rushed the infant from the Middleton Place Apartments.

Detectives report Tanguma admitted he was angry with the screaming child, grabbed her throat, and pushed down on her torso before they both eventually fell asleep on a couch.

Police say Tanguma told them he woke up with his hip pressed against the child's face and she was not breathing.