Friday, September 27, 2013

Dad charged with beating 3-year-old son unconscious during visitation (Phoenix, Arizona)

Dad is identified as JAVIER "JUNIOR" JAIME. Notice that the girlfriend is not the mother, and that she and the father had been "taking care" of the boy for a week. So obviously, this is some kind of visitation situation. Whether it is "voluntary" or court-ordered is not explained. Nor is there any reference to the boy's mother here, and what her experience had been with the father.

Report: Father faces child abuse charges after beating toddler with belt

Updated: Sep 27, 2013 3:55 PM EDT

By FOX 10 News - Staff Report

PHOENIX - A father faces child abuse charges after his 3-year-old son was seen covered in bruises and brought to a hospital unconscious.

20-year-old Javier "Junior" Jaime and his girlfriend were taking care of his 3-year-old son for a week in August.

A police report states Jaime called for help after his son was limp and unconscious on Aug. 30.

He claimed his son fell and hit his head in the bath tub.

However, the report reveals the boy told hospital staff "My dad made me hit my head because he got angry. He gets angry a lot."

And later told a hospital social worker, "Daddy made me bleed," and pointed to his upper lip.

The police report states the boy had bruises all over his body and peeling skin on his buttocks.

When Jaime was interviewed, he initially claimed that his son refuses to use the bathroom and was burned by hot water after he wet himself. He also said the boy is very difficult and that he hit him with a belt once.

Eventually, the report shows Jaime admitted to lying to the detective when he was first interviewed.

He allegedly told police he had beat his son with a belt on his buttocks two to three times a day for about two or three days before the day the boy went to the hospital.

The report also states Jaime told police he picked his son up from inside a bathtub and then dropped him back into the water, causing him to hit his head. He then claims he thought his son was having a seizure and called for help.

Jaime's girlfriend told police she allegedly saw him take his son into a bedroom and lock the door. She says he was angry and afterward, she could hear the child crying.

He was arrested and faces three counts of child abuse.