Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Dad arrested for beating 6-month-old daughter; what happened to the mother? (Osceola County, Florida)

What the hell is going on here? What happened to the baby's mother?

Notice there is NO MENTION of this infant's mother either in this home or elsewhere. She (apparently) wasn't arrested in connection with this assault, and yet CPS has taken custody and placed the children with unnamed "relatives."

So what is going on? Is CHADD MICHAEL SPICER a custodial father? If so, how did he get custody and who gave it to him? Or is the mother "missing" somehow? You got to wonder whether the mother is okay when you have a father who is apparently this violent. Spousal battering often goes hand in hand with child abuse.


Police: Dad arrested after baby found beaten

September 14, 2013|

By Jerriann Sullivan and Desiree Stennett, Orlando Sentinel

The fractured right femur that a 6-month-old girl from St. Cloud suffered was no accident, doctors determined Saturday afternoon.

The little girl also had a large bruise on her chest, possibly fractured ribs that had already started healing from a previous beating and a head injury. Police say she suffered the brutal attack at the hands of her 24-year-old father, Chadd Michael Spicer.

Spicer was arrested Friday and is being held in the Osceola County Jail without bail on charges of aggravated child abuse with great bodily harm and child neglect.

The young girl was taken to Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children on Friday to treat her injuries. She remained in the hospital overnight.

In an emergency hearing, the Department of Children and Families was granted custody of the young girl and another 18-month-old child. Both children were placed with relatives and a second hearing is scheduled for Monday to determine if the children will stay with those relatives.

Authorities did not say if the other child was also beaten.

A public record's search showed that Spicer did not have a criminal history.