Monday, September 30, 2013

"Frustrated" dad charged with 1st-degree murder in beating death of sick 14-month-old son (Finley, Oklahoma)

I sincerely wonder whether there was a mother in this home. Where was she while this baby was comotose, and Daddy was wasting time researching head injuries on the Internet? Had the mother been present, it is almost certain that she would have been charged with failure to protect. So unless the mother was working the night shift somewhere, this is probably some sort of custody/visitation situation. Of course, we're not provided with any explanation here as to how and why this guy had access to this child, or who gave it to him.

Dad is identified as MARIN CLAY ALLISON.

Man charged in death of son set for trial Monday

by Matt Swearengin Managing Editor

1 days 14 hours ago

A father accused of causing the death of his infant son is scheduled for a jury trial on Monday.

Marin Clay Allison, 25, Finley, was charged in June 2012 with first-degree murder by child abuse for the death of his 14-month-old son Ethan Allison.

According to an affidavit by Durant Police Lt. Chris Marcy, Allison, who said he was ill at the time, admitted to becoming frustrated with the boy on the evening of May 20 at his Durant residence. He said he grabbed him by his clothes and pulled him off his feet. The boy’s head then hit a tile floor with violent force.

The affidavit states that Allison stayed up all night researching head injuries and coma symptoms on the Internet. He called 911 at about 5:45 a.m. May 21 after the boy stopped breathing.

According to police, Allison first said his son was injured from a fall, but during another interview, he admitted the injuries were not from an accidental fall.

Ethan died May 22 at Children’s Medical Hospital in Dallas, Texas, after he was taken off of life support. A doctor at Children’s Hospital completed an affidavit that states Ethan died of a severe and acute traumatic brain injury.

According to Bryan County District Attorney Emily Redman, there is specific language in the first-degree murder statute that states the death of a child as the result of child abuse is considered first-degree murder.

Allison, who is free on bond, is being represented by attorney Warren Gotcher of McAlester. As of Friday afternoon, the trial was scheduled to begin at 8:30 a.m. Monday when jurors will be picked for the case.