Thursday, January 3, 2013

Custodial dad accused of killing, torturing 8-year-old daughter says cops were lying about his dirty house (International City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

Notice that there isn't ONE WORD about the mother of these girls. It appears pretty obvious that killer daddy EMIRATI SAOD had custody.

And what a sh** this guy is. His daughter was tortured to death, and all he cares about is that the cops may have lied about his dirty apartment? Shows you where this dude's priorities lay. He can't even fake grief for his kid.

He also can't help but show his true colors. Attacking witnesses, lunging at the police.

Under a regime of institutionalized fathers rights (where mothers have virtually no rights), this is what happens. Vicious sociopaths like this guy get custody of vulnerable children--then they try to play the Clueless Daddy card and blame the abuse on the new gal pal. Must be in the fathers rights playbook some place, because they all do this, everywhere in the world. Play dumb. And too often, they get away with it.

Wadeema's dad says cops are lying about 'torture flat'

Thursday, January 03, 2013
A father accused of torturing and killing his eight-year-old daughter with the help of his girlfriend has claimed cops are lying about the conditions they found in his flat.

Hamad Saod allegedly murdered his daughter Wadeema and subjected his other child, Meyra, seven, to horrific abuse.

Police officers have described the family’s studio apart­ment in International City, Dubai, as unfit for humans to live in. ​

But 29-year-old Emirati Saod told Dubai Court of First Instance yesterday: “They took the oath that by the name of God they will say the truth, why they are telling lies?”

He added; “They (police) came to the flat but they created the mess.” Saod’s 27-year-old lover Al Anood Mohammad Al Ameri was also in court carrying her newborn baby boy.

She stands accused of also abusing the girls and made mocking remarks to journalists in the courtroom.

During a previous hearing, drama had broken out when Saod tried to attack a witness.

He launched himself at the policeman when the witness said the pair used to lock Wadeema and her sister in the bathroom while the couple had sex. Al Anood joined in and started insulting the witness.

Dubai Public Prosecution have asked for the death sentence in the case. Prosecutors say the couple burned the girls with irons and cigarettes, poured boiling water on them and beat them with bars and electrical wires.

Saod has denied murdering Wadeema and Al Anood claims she worked alone to abuse the young girls. The judge adjourned the case until January 20 when two defence witnesses will give evidence.