Thursday, August 13, 2015

Killer dad had extensive history of domestic violence, child abuse, assault (Adelaide, Australia)

And despite all that, UNNAMED DAD was allowed to be "involved" with the new baby anyway...with predictable results.

Inquest shows Ebony's father's violent past

Updated: 5:47 pm, Thursday, 13 August 2015

An inquest has heard that the father of a four-month-old baby, who died from his abuse, had a history of domestic violence and juvenile crime.

Baby Ebony died from horrific injuries in Adelaide in 2011 after her mother, then 17, and father moved to South Australia from NSW.

The inquest into Ebony's death has been told the father, who was jailed in SA for criminal neglect, had another child with a different woman in 2008 when he was 16.

That boy was later removed from the family and taken to hospital after a visit from a NSW child protection services.

'There were concerns regarding the level of care (the boy) was getting, and possibly alcohol and drug use,' NSW child protection worker Jennifer Smith told Adelaide Coroners Court on Thursday.

Counsel assisting Naomi Kereru said the father had an extensive child protection history and a record of juvenile crime including common assault.

Another report detailed the teenage father's drug use and neglect for his first child. 'It is reported (the parents) smoked bongs around the child,' Ms Kereru said.

Baby Ebony suffered multiple skull fractures and dozens of other fractures to her ribs, collarbone, leg, fingers and toes during her short life.

Her mother, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was a ward of the state in NSW when she fell pregnant and moved to Adelaide, but the guardianship was not transferred.

The inquest previously heard the family had completely disengaged from SA child protection services at the time of Ebony's death.