Sunday, August 16, 2015

Five-year-old boy "hacked 30 times" by step while in custody of father (China)

Very typical reporting is that there is no explanation as to why this poor child was left in the custody of the father, who clearly too busy/disinterested to care for him himself. He apparently dumped the day-to-day care on unnamed "relatives" while depriving the mother of custody. Of course the step is blamed for the whole thing and not the father. Very typical in that the custodial father is framed as the Clueless Innocent despite marrying a vicious sociopath and dumping the child on that person.

By contrast, custodial mothers are routinely castigated for leaving their children with abusive boyfriends when they have to work.


Chinese Child 'Hacked 30 Times' In Abuse Case

Sky News – Thu, Aug 13, 2015

A Chinese child has been hacked with a knife more than 30 times in a horrifying case of abuse, according to reports.

It is understood that the boy, aged five, had been with his uncle Mr Ma on Sunday morning, as he is left in the care of relatives while his father is at work.

Around 9am, the boy's stepmother Ms Miao told the uncle that she would wash the boy as he was dirty - but instead she allegedly stabbed the boy more than 30 times.

Video posted online shows the bleeding boy standing on a public street while members of the public try to wrap him up and stop his bleeding.

According to local media reports, Ms Miao married the boy's father and had a daughter with him.

Ms Miao was recently diagnosed with advanced stomach cancer and it is believed she had tried to kill the boy in the hope that her husband would devote himself to caring for their daughter even after her death.

The boy was taken to hospital in AnYang, Henan province, although his condition is unclear.

A local reporter who went to the hospital said the boy's father and biological mother were in tears outside the operating room as they waited.

No further details, including the full names of the adults involved or why the boy was staying with his uncle, were not immediately available.

Graphic photos of the boy's injuries and his body covered in surgical stitches were posted online, prompting an angry reaction from Chinese people, with one saying: "I wouldn't be sad even if this woman dies".

Another person commented: "Such ruthless people should be punished.

Hope the child can get better soon, and hope he won’t be hurt ever again."

Someone else wrote: "Such a mother, is she a psychopath? So ruthless. Even if you are a step mother, how can you do such a cruel thing to a child?"

It is understood the stepmother was assaulted by angry citizens after news of the abuse was published.