Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Dad in "child custody conflict" kept 10-year-old son locked in home without food for five days (Jakarta, Indonesia)

So if UNNAMED DAD had a "clinically proven" mental disorder, then who allowed him to wage this "child custody conflict" against the mother? Once again, we see that too often fathers fighting the mother for custody have no interest in the welfare of the children.

Unfortunately, the worldwide influence of the fathers rights movement has emboldened control freak abuser dads everywhere--and authorities let them get by with this sh**.


Greater Jakarta: Father reported for confining son

The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Jakarta | Mon, August 24 2015, 9:26 AM

The Indonesian Commission on Child Protection (KPAI) and the North Jakarta Police took a 10-year-old boy from his father on Friday after his mother, identified as AF, reported the father for confinement.

Based on her report, the father was not only keeping the boy inside the house, but also did not allow him to eat and go to school for five days, KPAI secretary-general Erlinda said as quoted by wartakotalive.com on Saturday.

Erlinda added that the parents were involved in a child custody conflict.

“We need to conduct further psychology and health examinations to know whether the father has committed violence,” she said, adding that the father had once been clinically proven to suffer from a mental disorder.

The boy is currently staying at Safe House, the KPAI’s shelter for children who are in need of protection.

Meanwhile, the North Jakarta Police chief, Sr. Comr. Susetio Cahyadi Susetio, said that the police would investigate further to uncover the father’s motive.