Sunday, August 9, 2015

Dad charged with manslaughter in death of 6-week-old daughter gets bail (Thurso, Ontario, Canada)

Notice the enabling support for an alleged baby killer. Very typical when it comes to fathers.

Dad is identified as DANIEL LEFEBVRE.

Thurso father charged in baby's sudden death released on $2,000 bail

Paula McCooey, Ottawa Citizen

Published on: July 22, 2015 | Last Updated: July 22, 2015 1:58 PM EDT ​

A Thurso father charged with manslaughter in the apparent shaking death of his six-week-old child was released on $2,000 bail Wednesday.

The court also removed the publication ban on the identity of Daniel Lefebvre, 25.

As he entered the prisoner’s box, the accused, sporting a dark bushy beard, nodded to about a dozen family members in the court gallery.

Lefebvre was released under a number of conditions, including undergoing a psychiatric assessment and banning contact with children under the age of six. Also, he cannot live anywhere but his home, and must abstain from alcohol and drugs.

He was also banned from contact with a number of individuals.

The father was originally charged with aggravated assault after the six-week-old baby girl was found unconscious in a Thurso home on July 15. The child died in hospital two days later. ​

The aggravated assault charge was withdrawn and replaced with the more serious manslaughter charge during a brief court appearance Monday.

Before his release, Lefebvre, who does not have a previous criminal record, was ordered to pay a $500 deposit to the court. If he breaches his conditions, he will be required to pay the remaining $1,500.

His lawyer told reporters his client is relieved he will be able to attend his daughter’s funeral.

“He is relieved given he will be able to (go) to the (baby’s) funeral,” Marc-AndrĂ© Cayen, who described his client’s state as “fragile.”

Outside court the family wiped tears, hugged and held hands. They formed a line in front of the court doors in an attempt to block media from taking photos and filming Lefebvre as he left. Outside he was whisked to the back seat of a white Honda Civic that drove off immediately.

Lefebvre is scheduled to make his next court appearance on Oct. 5.