Sunday, August 16, 2015

Dad manages to inflict fatal injuries on 4-month-old son during 2-hour visit (Radcliff, Kentucky)

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Mom: Son Who Died Was Badly Bruised After 2 Hours With Dad

RADCLIFF, Ky. — Aug 10, 2015, 6:52 PM ET
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As police searched for a man seen driving down a Kentucky highway beating an infant in a car seat, Daniel Cox pulled up to Kimberly Chrystie's home, handed her their 4-month-old son and sped away, police say.

Jayceon Chrystie was black and blue and unresponsive; he had no pulse and his eye was swollen shut.

The baby died two days later, and Cox has been charged with his murder.

Cox, who did not live with his son, had asked the baby's mother, Kimberly Chrystie, if he could take the boy out for a visit Thursday, according to court records. They were gone for two hours.

Just before 7 p.m., a family called 911 to say they saw a man in a gold Mercury Grand Marquis repeatedly hitting a child in a car seat as he drove along a highway in Radcliff, about 45 miles south of Louisville, according to court records.

Dena Stevenson told WLKY-TV that she and her family drove behind the Grand Marquis for miles, and it looked like the man was beating the child in the head and the chest.

Officers began searching for the car.

Fifteen minutes later, Cox arrived at the infant's mother's home. She frantically called police.

"He dropped my child off almost two hours later, beat up all black and blue," she wrote in a request for a protective order she filed against Cox Friday. "I called 911 as soon as I seen my son."

Jayceon was not breathing and had no pulse, court documents show. Police wrote that Jayceon's left eye was swollen shut, his right cheek was swollen and he had "major bruising on his back and buttocks." His injuries were "consistent with a child being assaulted and abused," police wrote in the arrest warrant."

As emergency medics tried to resuscitate the baby, officers tracked Cox to Louisville, said Radcliff Police Capt. Willie Wells. He was arrested on an assault charge.

The baby, taken to a hospital in Louisville, was removed from life support Saturday night. Cox was charged with murder.

Jefferson County Deputy Coroner Robert Fraction told The Associated Press on Sunday that Jayceon died of an "inflicted traumatic injury to the head."

Cars lined the driveway and street outside the baby's mother's house Monday. A relative there said they were preparing funeral arrangements and declined to comment.

A judge set Cox's bond at $500,000 Monday, appointed a public defender for him and ordered him to return to court on Friday.