Thursday, May 28, 2015

Registered sex offender dad arrested for raping 7-year-old daughter; what happened to girl's mom? (Washington County, Oklahoma)

The headline is very misleading. This wasn't some random "man" who was arrested. It was a registered sex offender who was also the girl's father. Not only that, there is not one single word on this girl's mother. Did DAVID WAYNE WILLOUGHBY have custody? How or why was this girl's mother erased from this story?

Man arrested for alleged sexual abuse of child

By Tim Hudson

Local authorities arrested a formerly convicted sex offender on charges stemming from the alleged sexual abuse of a child.

David Wayne Willoughby, 46, was arrested on charges of strongarm rape, lewd molestation and failure to register as sex offender.

According to Washington County Sheriff’s Office investigator Sgt. Jon Copeland, deputies were “informed of an incident involving sexual abuse to a child under the age of 10” on Sunday.

Copeland said that the initial report came from “a concerned individual who had received information a child had been sexually abused by their biological father.”

“The reporting party informed deputies the child disclosed the father had sexually abused the child,” Copeland said. “The Department of Human Services, Child Welfare, was contacted and, after being informed, the child and their sibling were taken into emergency custody.”

A forensic interview was then conducted at Ray of Hope Advocacy Center that allegedly “revealed inappropriate sexual conduct between the child and the child’s father dating back to when the victim was 7 years old.”

Copeland said that deputies later learned that Willoughby failed to notify the WCSO of a change of address after his home had caught fire earlier in 2015.

Willoughby’s sex offender status comes from a prior Cherokee County conviction for sexual battery in 2001.