Friday, May 15, 2015

Custodial dad stabs daughter's legs with hot knife (Nigeria)

Note that dad AZAMA's custody status is not spelled out, but it can be clearly inferred by the fact the fact that there is a step, but the mother's existence is erased.

Once again, with a father this vicious, you have to wonder what happened to this girl's mother. Is she alive? Did she "disappear"? If she is deceased, do we know for a fact that it was from natural causes?

Wicked father slices hot knife on daughter’s leg for returning home late

A wicked father is now on the run after he brutally abused his daughter and cut her with hot knife because she came home late after hawking.
Published: 14.18 , Refreshed: 15.10
Isaac Dachen

A wicked father has been declared wanted after he inflicted severe injuries on his 17-year-old daughter with a hot knife because she returned home late from hawking Donkunu (local maize meal).

The girl who gave her first name as Senami, said that she had earlier returned home but went back to collect money from some people who owed her her but when she got back, her father, identified as Azama, a native of Benin Republic but resident in Badagry area of Lagos State, descended on her and after beating and torturing her, resorted to using a hot knife to cut her legs with the connivance of her step-mother, Rukayat, whom she hawked the food for.

The incident which happened on Sunday, May 4, saw the father fleeing after committing the atrocious act and the police are now on his trail.

It was one of her teachers in school that saw the injuries on the girl and the school authorities took her to the social welfare office in Badagry which referred the case to the Ajeromi Police Station.

Narrating her ordeals in the hands of her parents, the girl said:

"On May 4, after I came back from hawking, daddy ordered me to go back and collect the N500 my customers owed me. I came back home late. I did not know my father had put a knife on the fire. He tied my leg and started stabbing me with the knife.

When I got to the school the following day, my teacher, Mr. Okoafose, took me to a welfare office and we all went to a police station."

A staff of the welfare organisation said they will do everything to bring the culprit to book for grossly abusing the child.

"The subject (Senami) reported that she hawked Dokunu every day after school. This is a clear case of child abuse. It is high time parents stopped this inhumane act. We will ensure that the father is arrested."