Thursday, May 28, 2015

Dad, girlfriend arrested in death of 3-yearold daughter with severe burns; what happened to the little girl's mom? (Bedford, Iowa)

Is CHARLES HALL a custodial father? What happened to this little girl's mother?

Assuming these pieces of sh* are telling the truth, two weeks elapsed between the girl's burn injuries and her death. This is way too long for a two-year old to spend in visitation. At this age, they still need a secure bond with Mom more than they need to "visit" with Dad. So what was going on here? Did Dad have custody? Did this vicious father somehow eliminate the mother from the picture in the usual punish/control thing?

As typically happens, the media is silent on the matter.

This case has been added to the Killer Dads and Custody list for the State of Iowa.

New information released in 3-year-old's death investigation

UPDATED 9:22 AM CDT May 28, 2015

BEDFORD, Iowa —Investigators released more information Wednesday afternoon in the investigation into a 3-year-old girl's death.

Authorities said they responded to a 911 call for a child not breathing at 806 Washington St. Deputies found a 3-year-old girl, Janiya King, unresponsive.

She was pronounced dead by the medical examiner. Court documents indicate Janiya had severe burns on her face and right shoulder.

The Taylor County Sheriff's Office said two people were arrested and charged in the case last Friday.

Court records show 25-year-old April Clair, of Bedford, and 25-year-old Charles Hall, of Chicago, were charged with child endangerment causing serious injury.

Authorities said Hall is the girl's father. Clair is Hall's girlfriend.

Clair told authorities with the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation that the girl accidentally knocked over a pot of boiling hot dog water onto herself two weeks ago.

She told authorities she didn't think it was necessary to seek medical attention.

However, authorities said the burns were so bad that they caused permanent disfigurement.

Clair also told investigators the girl fell down the stairs multiple times and became weaker, but still did not seek medical attention.

Neighbors said child endangerment charges are not enough in this case.

"I think that is an awful light charge with it being, you know, a child is dead," said neighbor Bethany Cavin.

Autopsy results are pending as the investigation continues.