Friday, May 15, 2015

Dad convicted of involutary manslaughter in death of 3-month-old son; sentenced to 12 years in prison (Marion, Illinois)

Dad is identified as BRAONDON VAUGHN.

Father gets 12 years for infant's death
May 12, 2015 5:00 pm • By Nick Mariano

MARION — Courtney Marshall, in the wake of her 3-month-old son’s death in 2013, said she is closer to healing after the boy’s father received 12 years in prison Tuesday for involuntary manslaughter.

“I’m still hurting, but at least my kid got somewhat of a justice. Nothing will bring him back, but at least his dad is going to serve some time for what he did,” the mother of two other children said after the sentencing in Williamson County court.

“I’m glad it is over with and not dragging on,” she added of court proceedings in the case, ending a day before her 23rd birthday. “I want to move on and take care of my other kids.”

Her other children are 4 years old and 8 months old, the younger is the second of Brandon Vaughn’s children and was born after the death of his first, Braysen Michael Vaughn.

Vaughn, 23, entered an open plea in March to involuntary manslaughter, admitting he had thrown a quilt over the child’s head that caused him to suffocate on Oct. 30, 2013. In accepting the plea, two first-degree murder charges were dismissed.

Vaughn left his Johnston City apartment to go outside to smoke a cigarette and talk with neighbors, returning about noon to find the child not breathing.

Testimony this past week also indicated the child had not been fed between the night before and up to the point of his death. Marshall left early in the morning for work.