Saturday, August 23, 2014

Dad suspected of abusing 3-week-old son; baby has 16 bone fractures (Roanoke, Virginia)

UNNAMED DAD and no mention of a mother in the home.

Father Suspected Of Abusing Three Week Old Son

Posted: Aug 22, 2014 4:34 PM EDT

By David Tate

Roanoke, VA - Detectives are investigating a possible case of child abuse that, according to court records, left a three week old child with 16 different broken bones.

According to the search warrant on file, in Roanoke Circuit Court, the father admitted to the abuse because he wouldn't stop crying.

The young boy suffered from 13 rib fractures, fractures to both collar bones and a broken leg.

The warrant goes on to say that the nature of the injuries were deemed, by authorities, to be non-accidental and caused by "intense gripping" by an adult.

The father of the child is reported in the affidavit as admitting to such behavior only after police confronted him with the evidence.

The affidavit shows the father originally told emergency crews that he tripped over an animal while on some stairs with the child in his hands.

When crews arrived the baby was unresponsive and was revived at Roanoke Memorial Hospital.