Friday, August 22, 2014

Dad sexually assaulted kids, then went on to have second family with new wife who didn't know he was a convicted pedophile (Australia)

Dad is identified as ADRIAN WILLIAMS. And now he is married to wife #3.

Monster dad sexually assaulted his own children... then went on to have a second family with new wife who didn't know he was a convicted paedophile

Adrian Williams served six years in jail for molesting his own children from his first marriage

While on parole on to marry another single mother and had two children with her

She had no idea she married a paedophile He now lives in country Victoria where he's settled in with another woman

By Sally Lee For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 10:56 EST, 18 August 2014 | Updated: 13:37 EST, 18 August 2014

Adrian Williams is a father, grandfather and husband.

He is also a convicted paedophile who hid a disturbing secret from his two wives.

Under such unfortunate circumstances, Australian mothers and divorcees Belinda and Maggie have come together to reveal their ex-husband's dark past for fear that he may strike again.

Mr Williams was aged 16 when he married Belinda, who was a 20-year-old single mother at the time.

She already had two sons from a previous marriage but went on to have three more with Mr Williams.

Her suspicions began when her five-year-old son warned his teacher at school that she would be wary of his father.

'There was a parent teacher interview coming up and he kept telling the teacher "you're going to be scared of my dad",' Belinda told A Current Affair.

'He then started saying explicit things about sex that a five-year-old shouldn't know.'

A two-page confessional letter from Mr Williams addressed to Belinda confirmed her worst nightmare - that her husband was sexually abusing his own biological son.

The full details of the letter cannot be reported as it is too graphic.

'I would tell the boys to go into the bedroom,' he wrote. 'I would always say it when they were in another room so I didn't see the look on their faces.

'I am unfit to be called a husband and a father. Please tell my boys that I am sorry for what I have done to them and to you. Because none of you deserve it.'

Mr Williams was consequently convicted for the crime and sent to jail for six years.

But both Belinda and second wife Maggie agree that his punishment wasn't enough.

'He took my kid's life. He took my life. His life should be gone too,' Belinda said.

The two women describe him as 'scum', 'manipulative' and 'a cheater'.

But while on parole he met Maggie - who was also a single mother at the time - and went on to have two children with her.

She had no clue that the man she married was a convicted child molester.

'It just makes me sick,' Maggie said. 'I can't believe I didn't see all this. It's almost as if he doesn't care. 'He should've never been allowed to have more children.'

Belinda broke the shocking truth to Maggie which left her in tears.

Noel McNamara, from the Crime Victims Support Association, says he is disgraced by the 'leniency' and 'mercy' of the system which protects paedophiles and their identity.

'It's just wrong and it's a disgrace,' he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Williams has moved to country Victoria where he's settled in with another single mother.

When approached for comment, he simply drove away.

Mr McNamara says Mr William's actions are 'pure evil'.

Both his ex-wives are sickened by Mr William's and hope he doesn't fool other women.