Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Dad in "custody dispute" convicted of molesting teenage daughter during court-ordered visitation (Cobb County, Georgia)

This is what happens when fathers rights pulverizes the rights of everybody else.

Dad was never married to Mom, and it looks like he was never committed to her. He has nothing to do with the daughter for ten long years. Then he waltzes in and insists on his "rights"--and basically it appears that he did so in order to have access to an underage victim. And he gets those "rights"!

This piece of sh** got court-ordered visitation despite his decade-long absence, and was apparently LOOKING FOR MORE TIME. ('Cause you know, it's awful inconvenient to limit your rape time to every other week.) It looks like he drugged this girl with booze and marijuana and beat her too.

And yet this scumbag is NOT convicted of rape, but only of molesting her. Because Daddy's word (lies) have greater weight than the testimony of a female child's, you know. All that money for legal battles, and yet we're supposed to believe that Daddy couldn't go to Wal-Mart and buy the kid her own air mattress. Bull crap.

Daddy is identified as DELANO ANDRES WRIGHT.

Father Who Shared a Bed with Teenage Daughter Sentenced to 20 Years

Katheryn Hayes Tucker, Daily Report
August 6, 2014

A Cobb County judge on Tuesday afternoon sentenced a father who shared a bed with his teenage daughter to 40 years, 20 to serve in prison and the rest on probation, along with sex offender registration, according to attorneys on both sides.

Delano Andres Wright, 44, was indicted on charges of rape, incest, child molestation and cruelty to children for alleged acts against his daughter, who is now 16. After a weeklong trial that began July 7, he was convicted of three of nine counts. The jury reached a verdict against him on two child molestation charges and one count of child cruelty, but hung on the six counts of rape and incest, according defense attorney Justin Wyatt.

Wyatt said his client denies the charges and will appeal. "Absolutely, he didn't do it," Wyatt said.

Wyatt said he considered it a victory for his client that the jury could not reach a verdict on the rape and incest charges after deliberating for 10 hours. "There was no physical evidence," Wyatt said. "It was the father's word against the daughter's."

Asked how the jurors reached a conviction on the molestation charges, Wyatt cited the fact that the only bed in the father's Cobb County apartment, where the girl lived on alternate weeks when she was not with her mother, was one air mattress with one pillow.

As evidence of child cruelty, he said the state presented a photo the mother took of the daughter's bare backside bloody from a beating by her father.

The girl's parents were never married and her father was not in her life until she was 10, according to a statement from Cobb County District Attorney Vic Reynolds. The defense attorney said the parents were involved in a custody and legitimacy dispute under which the father had court-ordered visitation every other week.

Last year the daughter called 911 from her father's apartment at 4:30 a.m. and reported that he had been sexually abusing her for four years. She testified that her father had raped her 80 times, according to Wyatt. He sought to impeach her testimony on the basis of an argument with her father over discipline and school problems.

Wyatt didn't say what Wright's basis for appeal will be. He did say the sentence was close to the plea deal Wright rejected—30 years with 15 to serve—but he believes his client has a chance to be free sooner with a successful appeal.

"I think the judge was fair to everybody," Wyatt added. Cobb County State Court Judge Henry Thompson presided over the trial, sitting in for Superior Court Judge Reuben Green.

"Young girls look to their fathers to be their ultimate protectors," Thompson said at Tuesday's sentencing hearing, according to the DA's statement. "By molesting your daughter, you not only committed a crime, but you committed the ultimate betrayal of that trust."

Wyatt said the prosecutor, Cobb County Assistant District Attorney Chuck Boring, did "a fantastic job."

The DA's statement said the girl testified her father gave her wine and sometimes marijuana in preparation for sexual assaults.

Boring said in the statement that Wright "used the girl —his own flesh and blood—as his own personal sex object."

Boring said Wright "has an excuse for everything" and is "the epitome of someone failing to take responsibility for his actions."