Friday, August 1, 2014

Child abuse fatality statistics: fathers and boyfriends murder the most children (Connecticut)

This is just a selection from a longer report.

A child’s death may be classified as a homicide when a violent death results from another person’s reckless, hostile, or illegal acts against another person. In 2013, there were 10 homicides of children age birth to three in Connecticut. This is the highest number of reported homicides of young children in Connecticut since OCA and CFRP began collecting data on child deaths more than 10 years ago. The method of death among these 10 young homicide victims was as follows:
7 children died from abusive head trauma or other blunt force traumatic injuries

2 children died from gunshot wounds

1 child died as a result of homicidal asphyxia

The alleged or convicted perpetrators in these homicides were primarily men; fathers in 4 cases (40%), mother’s boyfriend in 3 cases (30%), maternal grandmother in 2 cases (20%)—(1 incident), and unknown in 2 cases (20%).