Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Dad sexually abused two sons before murdering them during supervised visitation; mom has been "missing" since 2009 (Utah)

These newest revelations about killer dad JOSH POWELL don't surprise me in the slightest. This piece of sh** got away with everything. The police investigation was a sham from start to finish, and Powell was coddled every step of the way.

Never heard until now that he was also an unemployed deadbeat who nonetheless STILL ORDERED around and terrorized the breadwinner mom. Wow, Powell was a more useless oxygen sucker than even I knew.


Revealed: Josh Powell 'sexually abused his two sons' before their mother vanished and he butchered the boys with a hatchet

Charlie and Braden Powell's maternal grandparents said the boys refused to sleep in pajamas because their dad used to sleep naked with them

One of John Powell's kids drew a picture showing a child and adult with the words, 'Don't play with me!' T

he boys moved in with Chuck and Judy Cox, Susan Powell's parents, two years after her 2009 disappearance

One of their sons was also diagnosed with malnutrition after Josh withheld food from him, saying he was 'just going to poop it out'

Susan's body has never been found and Josh killed himself and his sons in 2012 after attacking them with a hatchet and blowing up their home

By Snejana Farberov and Lydia Warren

Published: 15:25 EST, 27 May 2014 | Updated: 15:55 EST, 27 May 2014

Josh Powell's two young sons suffered sexual abuse at the hands of their father before he killed them with a hatchet and blew up their home in 2012, according to a new tell-all book.

Gregg Olsen and Rebecca Morris, the authors of 'If I Can’t Have You: Susan Powell, Her Mysterious Disappearance, and the Murder of Her Children,' claim that they uncovered evidence proving that John and Susan Powell’s children, 7-year-old Charlie and 5-year-old Braden, were molested while living with their father and paternal grandfather.

The boys’ maternal grandparents, Chuck and Judy Cox, first noticed that something was amiss with their grandkids when Charlie and Braden moved into their Utah home in 2011, two years after their mother's disappearance.

The book, based on interviews with the couple’s family and friends, claims that one night, the siblings refused to put on their pajamas while getting ready for bedtime, according to Radar Online.

'Who told you it’s okay to be naked?' Mr Cox asked the boys, to which they allegedly replied, 'Our daddy!'

After talking to Charlie, the grandfather learned that he and his brother slept naked in bed with John Powell, who also slept in the nude.

One of the brothers later drew a picture for Chuck Cox showing what appears to be a child next to an adult, accompanied by the chilling words, 'Don’t play with me!'

The book, which is out in stores today, suggests that there is also a possibility that Braden was molested by Josh's father, Steve, who was later charged with voyeurism for taking pictures of young girls who lived next door to him.

When the boys were taken from the custody of their father, Braden was diagnosed with a fungal skin infection; one way to contract this infection is through sexual contact, the authors said.

Charlie and Braden's maternal grandparents also noted that the kids started getting violent with one another.

One night when the two were taking a bath together, Mr Cox walked in on Charlie holding his brother's head underwater.

The man later recalled that a few more seconds and the toddler likely would have suffocated.

Olson and Morris' book contains other disturbing allegations surrounding the Powell family drama, inclding claims that the father starved Braden to the point of malnutrition and possibly poisoned his wife, Susan, before she vanished in 2009.

While 29-year-old Susan Powell's body has never been found, her husband was long suspected of having a role in her disappearance. Then in February 2012, he attacked his sons with a hatchet and blew them - and himself - up in his Washington state home.

Speaking to authors Olsen and Morris for their book, 'If I Can't Have You', the couple's friends have given a terrifying insight into the Powell household.

They claim that Josh Powell, who was unemployed, controlled the family's finances - ordering his broker wife only to buy the cheapest groceries and refusing to feed the children three meals a day.

'Susan had to research what was on sale at what store,' Michele Oreno told the authors. 'Then she had to come home and put it into the computer, what she spent on every item.

'[Josh] was really ticked off because the week before she had spent two cents more on a can of peas than he found at another store... It got so he wouldn’t give her money for food or anything.'

Susan even called friends to ask if she could sneak hot dogs from them because the boys were so hungry, friends said.

Then, when Charlie Powell was a year old, a doctor diagnosed him with malnutrition, the book said.

'He gets one meal a day at day care. That's all he needs,' Josh told Susan, according to friend Rachel Marini. 'You’re not wasting my food on him because he’s just going to poop it out!'

Friends added that they started to suspect him of poisoning his wife in October 2009, two months before she vanished.

She began to feel nauseous so wondered if she was pregnant before miscarrying, friends said.

'He made a lot of organic products for her to drink, a lot of thick yogurt stuff and fermented drinks with kefir,' friend Amber Hardman explained.

Susan's body was never found, although the search still continues.

Josh has claimed that his wife was at home when he took his sons, Charlie and Braden, on a winter camping trip in Utah's West Desert.

In February 2012, 36-year-old Josh Powell took his two sons into his home from a state supervisor, attacked them with a hatchet and then blew up the family home, killing all three.

Police documents from May 2012 reveal that Utah officials believe that Josh killed his wife and that his brother Michael helped dispose of her body. Michael killed himself in February 2013.