Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Dad bashes head of 2-year-old son against floor; may be charged with attempted murder (Windhoek, Namibia)

UNNAMED DAD had the if that excuses this kind of crime against a baby.

- NATIONAL | 2014-05-27

Man attempts to kill two-year-old son

Theresia Tjihenuna, Ndanki Kahiurika

A TWO-YEAR-OLD Windhoek boy survived after his head was bashed against the floor by his father who later attempted to commit suicide on Friday, police said yesterday.

Windhoek City Police superintendent Gerry Shikesho and police spokesman Inspector Stephen Nuuyi both confirmed the incident yesterday.

Nuuyi said the toddler was rushed to Medi-clinic, but was discharged, and is in a stable condition.

The unidentified 34-year-old father, who is believed to be on treatment for depression, was taken to the Windhoek Central Hospital where he was admitted.

“He was rushed to the Windhoek Central Hospital where he had an emergency head operation to save his life,” said Nuuyi, adding that the man was still detained in hospital and that his condition was unknown by late yesterday.

“The child has been discharged and police have opened a case of attempted murder against the father,” Nuuyi said.

Police said the man attacked the toddler in a fit of rage over unexplained reasons at the family home in Olympia’s Jan Becker Street around noon.

A G4S officer, Mungeli Engelbert, said he was on patrol in the area when a resident, who had heard the commotion called him to the house.

Engelbert said when he got to the house, he saw the mother of the child carrying the baby into a VW Golf and she drove out of the property. She told Engelbert to call the police as she rushed to toddler the hospital. Englebert said he saw the man moving about in the house and when he tried to open the doors, they were locked and the windows closed. He called an ambulance and they had to break a window to gain entry.

“We found the man sitting in the corner of the kitchen with a huge open wound on his head and saw more blood stains on the walls and floors,” Englebert said, adding that they then took the man to the hospital.

A police source, who declined to be named, said the man also tried to strangle his mother-in-law and stabbed his fiancée in the back, before attempting to commit suicide by cutting his wrists, and repeatedly hammering a nail into his own head.

Although a control officer at the City Police said the woman and her mother were receiving treatment at the Roman Catholic Hospital, the hospital said they had no records of such patients.

Nuuyi said police investigations into the case continues.

In another incident between 09h00 and 16h00 on Friday, a 47-year-old man at Farm Goededag near Windhoek committed suicide after stabbing his female co-worker in the chest six times. The victim, 42-year-old Apolonia Maritshane died of her injuries on the spot.

“He stabbed her and slit her throat with an unknown sharp object before walking two kilometres from the crime scene to where he hanged himself from a tree with a wire,” said Nuuyi. The man has been identified as Johannes Ditshabue.

The nature of the relationship between the two has not been established but police say the two were both workers at the farm.

A 38-year-old man at Otjomuise was punched to death by a security guard at a bar on Thursday afternoon.

Nuuyi said the man died after the guard punched him on the left side of the head. The deceased, whose name has not been provided, allegedly got into an argument with the security guard after he refused to be searched on entry into the bar.

The security guard apparently ran away from the scene following the incident and is still at large. Police investigations continue.