Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fox watching the chicken coop? Fathers Rights group to take over child abuse and neglect services (Torrington, Wyoming)

A local child abuse and neglect prevention services agency is going out of business due to lack of funding. Stepping up to the plate is Father Factor, a fathers rights group, that says they will continue the same services.

But isn't there a teeny weeny conflict of interest here? Father Factor says it is "dedicated to supporting fathers in all situations." And it encourages "father involvement."

Does that include "supporting fathers" in situations where abuse has been alleged, is in the process of being investigated, or indicated? Does that mean "father involvement" by molesters or batterers? If the abuser is said to be the father, will all allegations be rubberstamped as false without investigation? Will abused children be forced into "reunification" or "PAS deprogramming" schemes? Will protective mothers lose custody to fathers, with Father Factor providing all the psychological "evidence"?

So you're "educating" fathers and giving them "tools." "Educating" them about what and giving them "tools" to do what? Just what is it you're going to be doing for kids, since this is supposed to be about child abuse not "empowering" dads? So far, it's looking like nothing.

Be very afraid for the children of Wyoming.

Agency steps up to prevent child abuse
Posted: Wednesday, Jan 6th, 2010
By Carson LeMahieu

Following last week’s announcement that Prevent Child Abuse Wyoming was closing down amidst funding cuts, state non-profit Father Factor has announced they will charter with Prevent Child Abuse America to keep child abuse and neglect prevention services active in Wyoming.

In late December, Prevent Child Abuse Wyoming announced they were closing their doors after being denied a $95,000 Wyoming Children’s Trust Fund grant. Late last week, Father Factor announced that they had reached an agreement to continue providing the prevention services that would have been lost with the closing of Prevent Child Abuse Wyoming.

Damion Aldana, executive director of Father Factor, said he chose to continue providing child abuse prevention services because the goal of both groups was similar.

“Fathers are usually thought of as the aggressor in a relationship, whether it be with their girlfriends, their wives, or their children,” he said. “We provide education to support dads and give them the tools they need, and we feel that what Prevent Child Abuse Wyoming does is another tool for us.”

Aldana added that both his organization and Prevent Child Abuse Wyoming have similar missions that are valuable resources for all of Wyoming.

Father Factor is dedicated to supporting fathers in all situations. Father Factor offers support groups and educational opportunities for fathers, hosts community events and encourages father involvement.

Although Prevent Child Abuse Wyoming was officially dissolved Dec. 31, Aldana said there won’t be many changes about the way the organization is run when Father Factor takes over.

“Why fix it if it doesn’t need fixing?” he asked. “I like what they are doing and we’re just going to keep on doing it.”

Aldana said he is in the process of applying to become a charter member of Prevent Child Abuse America, the national organization with which Prevent Child Abuse Wyoming was affiliated. Aldana said he is also looking to apply for grants.

The process of obtaining membership with Prevent Child Abuse America is expected to take about three months. In the mean time, Aldana said that they will maintain all the essential functions of Prevent Child Abuse Wyoming. The contact information and Web site for Prevent Child Abuse Wyoming will stay the same despite the switch.