Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dad stabs mom to death, and her 2- and 5-year-old daughters; couple also had infant twins (Brooklyn, New York)

Dad JERMAINE RUIZ has been charged with 3 counts of murder in the stabbing death of his girlfriend, the mother of their 7-month-old twins, and the girlfriend's two daughters, ages 2 and 5.

Brooklyn man charged in triple homicide
By Julia in Crime, JuliaSaturday, Jan. 23 2010 @ 1:50PM

​Jermaine Ruiz of Flatbush, Brooklyn was charged today with three counts of murder in the stabbing deaths of his girlfriend, who the News is identifying as Jessica Ybe, 22, and her 2- and 5-year-old daughters. Ruiz, 24, reportedly confessed the murders to his father, who notified police.

When officers arrived at the second-story apartment on Rogers Ave, they saw Ybe's body from the doorway partially stuffed into a garbage bag. The children, rolled in a carpet, were found in another room. Police say that Ruiz admitted to stabbing them on Wednesday night or Thursday morning, and then spending a day in the house with the bodies before calling his father. A downstairs neighbor reported blood coming through her ceiling, and another neighbor that Ruiz asked his super on Thursday where to find a dumpster to throw out "heavy" trash that would "smell."

Police say that Ruiz and Abe were fighting Wednesday night. Neighbors say the fight was over Ruiz smoking around the kids. Neither was Ruiz' child, although police say the couple had a pair of 7-month-old twins together. The babies are with Ruiz' mother.