Friday, January 22, 2010

Dad beats 8-month-old baby with flip-flop; doctors find "old" fractures too (Bradenton, Florida)

Dad CHRISTOPHER DOWDY has been arrested for beating his 8-month-old daughter with a flip-flop for "fussing." The baby continues to be hospitalized for some unspecified "medical problem." In addition, doctors found that the baby already had "old" rib and leg fractures, which also appear to have been of Dad's doing. Dad claims that the rib fractures were from being "playful" and that he's not an abuser.

Well, yes he is. And he's also a freaking moron.

1/22 POLICE BRIEFS: Father hits infant with flip-flop

BRADENTON — A 45-year-old man was arrested after he allegedly beat his 8-month-old daughter with a flip-flop, according to a Bradenton Police arrest report.

Christopher Dowdy, of Bradenton, took the child to Manatee Memorial Hospital on Sunday and medical staff learned the child had “old, already healing” rib and leg fractures, the report said.

The infant’s 5-year-old sister and wheelchair-bound mother told child protection agents they saw Dowdy beat the child with a shoe around Thanksgiving when the child started to “fuss.”

During an interview with police, Dowdy said he rubbed his chin in the baby’s “chest area in a playful way, which could account for old rib fractures,” according to the report.

Dowdy said he never intentionally abused the child and stated when he raised his other children he used a belt to spank them. He said he would discipline any child of his that way and it was not abuse.

Dowdy was arrested on a child abuse charge for an intentional act that resulted in physical injury.

The child was transferred to All Children’s Hospital and as of Wednesday, remained in hospital care for a medical problem.

Dowdy was released from jail under supervision. Supervised release often is set with certain conditions, including no contact with the victim.