Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dad of slain 2-month-old daughter "thinks he hurt the baby in the past" (Midwest City, Oklahoma)

The 2-month-old daughter of dad JACOB LYNN WATSON died as a result of multiple injuries, including a skull fracture. Dad has been jailed on a murder complaint.

But isn't this cute. Under questioning from police, Daddy remembered "standing outside her room in the past and hearing her crying," and believing "he probably did something to make her cry." Oh, and that he has seen bruises on the baby and "felt he had caused them."

What a bunch of cow patties. So did you kill this baby or what? What a freaking chump. And that's the G-rated way to put it.

Slain Midwest City infant may have been injured 'in the past'
Published: January 20, 2010

MIDWEST CITY — A father jailed in connection with the death of his infant daughter told police he thinks he hurt the baby "in the past," details of a police investigation show.

Jacob Lynn Watson, 24, of Midwest City is in Oklahoma County jail on a murder complaint in the death of 2-month-old Brylee Watson. Brylee died Monday after suffering nine bone fractures. Jacob Watson was arrested Saturday.

An affidavit of probable cause signed by Midwest City detective Steve Simonson and submitted to Oklahoma County prosecutors shows child abuse may have occurred before Friday.

In an interview with the detective Saturday, Watson said "he had seen bruises on the baby before Friday and "felt that he had caused them," according to the affidavit.

Watson called 911 Friday night and said Brylee was not breathing. She was taken to OU Medical Center where doctors said she had fractures to her arms, right femur, ribs and skull. She was pronounced dead Monday.

Simonson asked Watson if he had ever hurt the baby, and he said he remembered "standing outside of her room in the past and hearing her crying."

"He said he believes he probably did something to cause her to cry. Jacob also told me he has seen bruises on the baby and felt that he had caused them," Simonson wrote in the affidavit.

Watson has not been formally charged. He is being held without bail.

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