Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dad accused of beating 3-month-old son from birth (Anderson, Indiana)

Dad JUSTIN SHEETS has been charged with battery and neglect for beating his infant son and basically treating him "like a rag doll." Mom is being charged with neglect of a dependent for not reporting the abuse because she "wanted to keep the family together."

This is a big problem, when "FAMILY" becomes an Ideology, rather than a collection of people who are still individually responsible for their behavior. The whole "every child needs a Daddy" Ideology falls into that spectrum too. The ramification is to discourage mothers and other would-be child abuse reporters from speaking up because they're labeled anti-family or anti-father. Nonsense. They're just being anti-abuser. To be anti-abuser is to speak up for and defend innocent babies and children--and good moms and dads.


Anderson man accused of beating infant son
By John Tuohy
Posted: January 12, 2010

ANDERSON, Ind. -- A 22-year-old father is accused of treating his 3 ½ month-old son like a rag doll, swinging him around by one arm and his legs, slapping his face and genitals and, finally, dropping him on his head.

Justin Sheets, Anderson, was charged with battery and neglect of a dependent, both felonies, Tuesday after Jayden Sheets was brought to Riley Children's Hospital the night before with severe injuries.

Jayden's mother, Brittney Bland, 20, was charged with neglect of a dependent for not reporting the abuse. Bland told police she didn't turn in her husband because she "wanted to keep the family together," according to a probable cause affidavit filed by Anderson police with the Madison County prosecutor's office

Doctors said Jayden suffered a skull fracture and a large bruise on the scalp, has healing fractures to his left arm, both forearms, both shins and a broken right ankle.

Bland said her husband has battered Jayden since birth, kicking him in his car seat and dropping the car seat on the floor. She said he swung him around by his feet and jerked him around by one arm. Bland said Sheets often hit the boy in the face with a baby bottle when he didn't drink it.

On Monday night, Bland said she was awakened from bed by a loud thump in the house and heard the baby crying. When she went to his crib Jayden was bleeding from the mouth.

Questioned by detectives, Sheets said he accidentally dropped the baby on its head. Sheets also admitted to the history of battery his wife had described, according to the probable cause affidavit.

Bond for Sheets was set at $100,000 and for Bland at $20,000