Saturday, November 2, 2013

Dad faces DV charges for grabbing son by neck, threatening to break his arm (Stark County, Ohio)

Though it's not specified as such, various clues strongly suggest that this is a custody/visitation situation. Notice that the boy called his mother, and that the mother called the police. Had she lived in the home, it seems more likely she would have returned home herself.

Dad is identified as JEFFREY BOWERS.

Father faces domestic violence charge for threatening to break his son's arm


Published: November 2, 2013 3:00AM

MARLBORO TWP. -- A father was arrested Thursday on domestic violence charges after he grabbed his son and threatened to break his arm.

Jeffrey Bowers, 37, of 12505 Marlboro Ave., was charged with two counts of domestic violence, first- and fourth-degree misdemeanors, for threatening physical harm and one count of child endangerment, a first-degree misdemeanor, at 8:54 p.m. Thursday at his home. According to call records, Marlboro Township police officers Chris Kenneally, Christian Tussey and Danielle Babbo responded to Bowers' home after fielding a call from the victim's mother, who said she received a call from her son expressing fear of his father.

Reports indicated the child told officers, "My father got mad at me for watching TV, then grabbed me by the throat ... (and) grabbed my arm and twisted it behind my back, threatening to break it."

Officers indicated the child bruised the right side of his leg while trying to get away from Bowers.

The victim's brother, who was doing homework at the time of the incident, told officers he saw Bowers grab his brother and yell at him for taking pop and watching TV when he wasn't supposed to be. The brother also heard the threat of arm breaking.

Although initially denying the domestic violence accusations, Bowers later admitted to grabbing his son by the back of the neck and lifting his chin and threatening to break his arm if the son didn't talk to him, reports indicate.

Officers also seized 20 firearms from the home.

Bowers, who was transported to Stark County Jail, plead not guilty to the charges when he appeared for arraignment Friday in Alliance Municipal Court.