Friday, June 7, 2013

Dad jailed for death of 5-week-old son (Winter Haven, Florida)

Dad is identified as DANNY BRITT.

Father in jail for death of 5-week-old son

9:53 AM, Jun 7, 2013
Gillian Finklea

Winter Haven, Florida -- A man is in jail after being charged with the death of his son.

May 18, around 3:17 a.m., Danny Britt called 9-1-1 stating that his 5-week-old son was not breathing. The operator instructed him in CPR until EMS arrived, after which the child was transported to Winter Haven Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Britt stated that he awoke to the baby crying and took him out of the crib and placed him in the bed. The mother, Nina Mirsalim, entered the room when she heard the cry and prepared to feed the baby. It was at this time they noticed the child was not breathing.

Police began a death investigation after the autopsy showed a head injury that could only have been caused by a significant blow, or blows, to the head.

Reportedly, after hearing this information, Britt stated he must have struck the child's head against the dresser when he moved him from his crib. However, an hour later, Britt changed his story stating he tripped on the floor while walking and the child may have stuck his head on the footboard of the bed. 

Neither of these accounts were determined to be a plausible reason for the child's death, so Danny Britt was placed under arrest and charged with aggravated child abuse and manslaughter.