Friday, June 7, 2013

Dad strikes 5-year-old daughter over "wrong" soda (Corvelo, California)

Dad hits 5-year-old daughter hard enough to leave bruises...and also assaulted her mother on the same day. What a surprise...

Dad is identified as GULMARO MACIEL.

Father arrested for striking child over wrong soda 

By Linda Williams/The Willits News

Posted: 06/07/2013 12:21:43 PM PDT

A 35-year-old Covelo father is in Mendocino County Jail for allegedly striking a 5-year-old girl across the face hard enough to leave bruises.

While officers were investigating the man for child abuse they learned he had also allegedly abused the mother the same day. 

A Round Valley preschool contacted authorities the morning of June 4 to report a young girl had possibly been physically abused. Mendocino County sheriff's deputies and agents from Child Protective Services questioned the youngster. She told authorities her father, Gulmaro Maciel, was angry and had hit her in the face.

The girl had distinct bruises on her face in the shape of a large hand, say deputies. When deputies questioned the girl's mother, she told them Maciel told the girl to get a soda and was angry when the youngster brought him the "wrong" kind. The mother told officers Maciel "began slapping the child across the face several times" and had assaulted her the same day due to relationship issues.

Maciel was arrested on suspicion of child abuse and domestic battery.