Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dad admits bashing 3-year-old son with an axe handle and killing him (Pretoria, South Africa)

Typical excuses made by a narcisistic child killer and overall jerk.  Notice how he ordered the mother out of the house when she confronted him over HIS infidelity. When that didn't happen quick enough to suit  him, he killed the 3-year-old son.

There is no doubt in my mind that this guy is a chronic abuser. Unfortunately, the mother is destitute and has to suck up to the killer (calling him a "good dad") if she is to feed herself and the other survivng kids.

Killer dad is identified as VINCENT MUGWAGWA.


Father admits killing ‘apple of his eye’

June 4 2013 at 10:30am

Independent Newspapers

Pretoria - While he bashed the head of his three-year-old son - the apple of his eye - with an axe handle, his 10-year-old daughter ran up to him, took his hand and said: “Papa, you are hitting the child.”

This emerged during the trial of Zimbabwean citizen Vincent Mugwagwa, 55, who admitted murdering his son.

He told the Pretoria High Court: “Things just got out of hand. I don’t know how this happened.”

The father of nine said his anger was aimed towards his wife, who had falsely accused him earlier in the day of being unfaithful. While running after his family with an axe handle, as they tried to flee to the neighbours on the afternoon of June 2 last year, Mugwagwa hit out at the closest thing to him.

This was little Wesley, his son, who suddenly came running back towards his father - whom he adored.

“I struck his head (with the axe handle). He fell on the ground and I kept on hitting him while on the ground. I remember my daughter taking my hand, telling me I am hurting him.”

Mugwagwa said he came to South Africa to make a better life for his family. He and his wife, Dorica Chipeta, had been married for 29 years and they were happy, looking after their nine children. However, they argued when someone told her he had two-timed her, which was a lie, the accused said.

At the time of the killing, the couple lived in Servaas Street in Pretoria West. Mugwagwa told his wife on the morning of the incident that she had to leave the house for a while and go to friends, as she kept quarrelling with him about the “affair”.

When he came back that afternoon, she and the children were still there. “I became angry... They ran to the neighbours for refuge and I followed them.”

Mugwagwa said he could not clearly remember hitting his child. He saw the ambulance fetch the boy and afterwards he handed himself over to the police.

He heard that the child died three days later in hospital.

Mugwagwa said he grew up as an orphan and his wife and children were his only family. “I don’t understand what happened. We never fought and went to church.”

He explained that his anger was aimed towards his wife that day, and not at his child.

He said he loved all his children, but Wesley was the apple of his eye. “He was always around me. When I came home from work, he would run to me and hug me. The child was my best friend... We used to play football together.”

Told by the State that he had ruined the life of his family, the emotional accused said “it seems so”.

His wife pleaded with the court to keep her husband out of jail, as she and the children had forgiven him. They had had to live on hand-outs since his arrest.

“He is a good father. I don’t know what got into him (that day).”

Judge Coetzee called on the defence to address him on Friday regarding sentencing, saying this was not a run-of-the-mill case.

He indicated that if he could, he would prefer to order a non-custodial sentence in light of the family’s request.