Sunday, June 2, 2013

Dad chokes to death 10-month-old son; mom speaks out (Jacksonville, Florida)

As we know, the fathers rights people are always whining about how fathers are so "unfairly deprived" of their kids. More often than not, the scenario is the opposite--just like what we see here. Some unmarried dad who never took an interest in the kid at all. Suddenly, he seems to take an interest and Mom is just overjoyed to have the father "involved" like he's supposed to be. After all, single mothers are continually smeared for how inferior they are in every way, and how they must be nice to the Daddy and "involve" him no matter what.

So what happened here? Just one month after Daddy showed an interest in "getting involved" and babysitting while Mom was at work, the little sh** stuffed an infant wipe down the baby's throat and choked him to death. Then Daddy offed himself before the police bothered to arrest him.

Once again, we see that kids die because daddies are graciously and kindly allowed access, this time by a generous and well-intentioned mom. And this is how her kindness is repaid. 

Sperm donors are just that. We need to stop "involving" them when they show no commitment to the mother, the child, or being a family. Mothers should trust their instincts, and the courts should do the same. 

No access, no murders.

Mom Of Murdered Baby Speaks Out

Updated: Fri 3:50 PM, May 31, 2013

Autopsy Says 10 Month Old Suffocated With Baby Wipe

The mother of a 10 month baby that died after police say his father choked him to death is now speaking out for the first time to WITN.

Amber Hewitt is the mother of Aidyn Burton of Jacksonville. She says the baby's father, a Camp Lejeune Marine, killed himself days after the child's murder.

Now Hewitt says she wants answers into why police didn't arrest the father before it was too late. "For 23 years I searched for my purpose in this world, so when I held that little boy in my arms I knew what my purpose was, and now I'm trying to find it again," Hewitt told us from her new home in Florida.

Back in February she lived in Jacksonville with her son. The child's father, Corporal Rodney Burton who everyone called "Will" didn't take care of his son until he was 9 months old, according to Hewitt.

One day the mother's sister and brother-in-law were babysiting while she was at work. Burton came over. "I though that he actually was trying to be involved with his son," said Hewitt.

But according to the autopsy, a baby wipe was stuffed in the baby's mouth, suffocating him. After being questioned by police, Burton left Jacksonville and was found at a home in Craven County with a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

Hewitt says she has a lot of unanswered questions and wants to know why police didn't arrest him before he took his own life. "I can't understand why they let him go when all the evidence was pointing towards him, I will never have questions answered. I will never have anything or be able to say my last words to him," said Hewitt. "I'm stuck here to pick up the pieces by myself, I just don't understand why the police didn't do anything."

Jacksonville police wouldn't comment about the investigation, other than the case is closed and that Burton is the man who killed Aidyn. That leaves Hewitt with just pictures and memories of her son, who is now her angel. "Aidyn was my only child--my first child and he was my world"

Previous Story

An autopsy provides new details in the death of a 10 month old and his Marine father several months ago.

Aidyn Burton was found unresponsive February 26th in his Jacksonville home. An autopsy says a responding police officer pulled a tightly compressed paper baby wipe from the child's throat.

The autopsy also says the baby's father, Corporal Rodney Burton, had visited the home earlier that day and he told police he didn't know if the child was alive or not when he was visiting.

The next day Burton was found dead in the driveway of a home in Trent Woods, apparently was a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The autopsy says police had tracked his truck by GPS after he texted his girlfriend that he was "sorry for putting you through this."

At the time police said Burton was a person of interest in his son's death, but no charges were ever filed.

The autopsy says the baby died from asphyxia by choking.