Thursday, June 6, 2013

Dad on trial for murdering 11-month-old son (United Kingdom)

Another case where Daddy had been babysitting for just a short time--less than 17 minutes--before he went off on the baby and killed him. Looks like he had a past history of abusing the baby too.

Dad is identified as SHANE HAWKINS.

Smirk of a 'baby killer': Father murdered his 11-month old son by shaking him violently and throwing him on the floor minutes after argument with his girlfriend, court hears
Shane Hawkins, 25, allegedly shook eleven-month-old Kaydon violently

Court heard he threw him, causing bleeding and swelling to his brain
Hawkins and girlfriend heard arguing on day baby was rushed to hospital
25-year-old denies murder at Truro Crown Court
He was pictured apparently reacting to press cameras outside court

By Anthony Bond
PUBLISHED:06:23 EST, 6 June 2013| UPDATED:08:28 EST, 6 June 2013

A father murdered his 11-month-baby by violently shaking and throwing him before giving six different versions of how he died, a court heard.

Shane Hawkins, 25, allegedly shook eleven-month-old Kaydon before 'throwing him down' causing bleeding and swelling to his brain and eyes.

The court was told a neighbour above the flat shared by Hawkins and his girlfriend Anna Libby heard arguing on the day Kaydon was rushed to the Royal Cornwall Hospital.

Miss Libby left for work leaving their son with Hawkins - but just 17 minutes later he was forced to dial 999 to summon paramedics to the property.

Kaydon was rushed to hospital on December 11, 2010 but died three days later.

Hawkins, of Bodmin, Cornwall, denies murder at Truro Crown Court.

Martin Meeke, prosecuting, said: 'Kaydon was only 11 months old when he died and we say this defendant killed him by shaking him so violently that it caused brain injuries that he could not recover from.

'Having shaken him, he either threw him down in his cot or struck his head, causing bruising to his head.'

The trial heard Hawkins gave six different reasons of how his son died.

He first told paramedics that Kaydon had fallen - then told a hospital doctor he had slipped from his arms and hit his head on the floor.

He then told a friend the baby had gone 'floppy' and later Hawkins explained to a medic that he dropped Kaydon on the carpeted floor.

His fifth version of events came after he told another doctor Kaydon had started vomiting before telling police his son had banged his head on a heater.

Mr Meeke told the court: 'On the day Kaydon was taken to hospital, a neighbour in the flat above reported hearing arguments and things being thrown around.

'He then heard a huge thud which got his attention and he wondered what it could be, 20 minutes later he noticed the blue lights outside.'

Fiona Libby, Anna Libby's sister, told the court Kaydon had previously showed signs of injury.

She said: 'When he was two to three weeks old he had two black eyes, just under his eyes and slight bruising on his nose.

'When he was a month old he had a cut mouth, his lip was cut and all his gums were black.

'The only time I remember him not having marks on him was when Shane was working full time.'

She continued: 'Once, Shane picked him up and Kaydon began crying like he was scared, I've never seen him cry like that before.' The trial continues.