Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Non-custodial mom hires PI to find missing son; bones located near custodial dad's former home (Ellensburg, Washington)

This little boy, who had been living with his abusive custodial father, has been "missing" for nine long years. It appears that law enforcement has had little interest in following up. What a surprise. The burden of solving the mystery has fallen on his protective, non-custodial mother.

A lot of back story isn't being told here....How did this abusive father get custody? Who gave it to him? Why did he retain custody despite his daughters' allegations of abuse? Why is law enforcement, CPS claiming there was not enough "evidence" to prosecute? Why such anemic response to the investigation?

UNNAMED DAD here, though it's not clear why his name is being suppressed.
For the record, his name is RICHARD HAYNES.

This piece provides the real background on this case:

K-9 Dogs Search the Former Home of Cody Haynes

Posted: Jun 03, 2013 8:55 PM EDT Updated: Jun 04, 2013 12:06 AM EDT

Laura Murray, Reporter

UPDATE/ELLENSBURG, Wash. -- The Lead Investigator for ISC Investigations says a Special Operations Team and their "Cadaver Dogs" have located several small bones and what looks like a small jaw bone during their search for the remains of Cody Haynes.

Law enforcement is sending a bone to Seattle for further testing. The testing could take weeks, even months. Investigators say they must cross analyze the bone to see if it's a human remain.

The bones were found along the 1500 block of Stevens Road in Ellensburg next to a canal.


KITTITAS, Wash.--The mother of a missing Kittitas Boy has hired a private investigative team to help crack a cold case.

NBC Right Now was the only news team to have cameras rolling as K-9 dogs started searching Cody Haynes former home Monday.

Cody had been living with his father, his father's girlfriend and four of his sisters at the time he went missing. His sisters said it was an abusive home, but there was never enough evidence to make a formal charge.

One of the K-9 dogs, Saber, is anxious to search the place Cody was last seen alive nine years ago.

"It really bothers me when these cases get closed due to financial reasons through the state, through the departments," said Handler Wendy Kessinger. "It is a shame and the families are just left hanging with no help."

Kessinger is part of a Special Operations K-9 Forensics Team based in New Mexico. They travel all across the country dedicating their lives to finding human remains. Kessinger said she wants to give closure to the families of the missing and that's what she hopes to do for Lisa Doney.

A house along the 300 Block of Main Street in Kittitas is the last place Lisa's little boy was seen, and it's the first place Saber and Jetta will start their search for Cody.

"If they have an exact spot they'll give an alert," said Kessinger. "And Saber, what he'll do is he backs up, looks at me and he starts barking. So then I know that area that's a definite."

Saber lets his handler know that he's picked up a scent and even though the team didn't find any remains, Kessinger said the border collie knows exactly what to search for in the other areas of interest.

The team tells us they can't share those exact locations yet, but we'll bring you any developments if and when they get a break.