Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Custodial dad, step convicted of murdering 8-year-old daughter; social service agencies ignored protective mother, others (Finland)

UNNAMED DAD, though I'm not sure why, since he's already been convicted and the victim is dead. 

Not one word of explanation here as to how and why this violent father got custody, and who gave it to him. Nor is there any exploration as to why the protective mother and other parties were repeatedly ignored. Except to blame "divisions between different departments and agencies in the system." Which in reality, is only part of the problem.

News 12.6.2013 17:23 | updated 12.6.2013 17:23

Agencies' poor coordination contributed to child’s death

A report on the case of an 8-year-old girl who was killed a year ago by her father and stepmother saw her fall through the cracks of Finland’s child protection system.

The Ministry of Justice report published Tuesday has revealed serious gaps between the various officials responsible for child welfare in the shocking case of an 8-year-old girl, whose father and stepmother were convicted of killing her.

According to the investigative report, 8-year-old Erika was left totally alone in the midst of repeated abuse and in spite of numerous complaints and concerns that were filed to child protection authorities by her mother, neighbours and school officials.

Unfortunately, because of the lack of coordination between the agencies responsible for child welfare, no one had a complete picture of how dire the girl's situation was. She died a year ago.

Susanna Huovinen, Minister of Health and Social Services, says that this tragic incident proves that it's time to eliminate the divisions between different departments and agencies in the system.

The Minister of Justice, Anna-Maja Henriksson said that it's clear that this child was not listened to. 

Each year, ten children die and 300 are injured because of domestic violence. In the last ten years, Finland's mothers and fathers have either killed or permanently maimed 3,000 children.