Thursday, January 3, 2013

Dad charged with felony child neglect during his "parenting time" (Lynchburg, Virginia)

Of course it's not made explicit--it never is--but this is obviously a custodial father or a father with joint custody/visitation. Daddy is identified as PAUL JASON THOMAS.

Lynchburg Father Charged With Felony Child Neglect

Posted: Jan 02, 2013 3:24 PM CST

By Angela Hatcher

Woman Finds Toddler Wandering in Lynchburg

Lynchburg, VA - A Lynchburg father is charged with felony child neglect after police say his 3-year-old son was found wandering the streets Friday morning.

Paul Jason Thomas, 36, is being held on $7,500 bond at the Lynchburg Adult Detention Center.

A couple driving to work early Friday morning spotted Thomas' 3-year-old son, wearing only a diaper, at the corner of Pierce and 15th Streets.

Police determined the father lives on Pierce Street.

The child was released to his mother, who does not live with the father.

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