Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Dad in custody fight with mom burns three kids to death; already had custody of two of kids from other mother (Ghana)

Very typical scenario. Mother (of the youngest child) driven from home, no doubt because of the father's violence. And notice that the UNNAMED DAD also had possession and/or custody of two children belonging to another mother. How much you want to bet she was subjected to threats and violence as well. And as soon as his control is challenged, he brutally kills them all. All the children burned to death. A typical abuse/control killer, especially the type most likely to demand custody/power over children.

3 Children burned alive in Ghana by father 
December 27, 2015

A man has burnt his three children to death at Boadifo, a suburb of Takoradi in the Western region.

The yet-to-be identified assailant allegedly killed the children after a disagreement with his wife Saturday dawn.

The distraught mother of one of the children Sadia Nimatu who confirmed the incident to said after regular disagreements with the suspect, she had left his home for her father’s residence but has been fighting to secure custody of her two-and-half year old girl who was burnt alongside the two other kids; from a different mother.

She noted that the suspect had threatened on numerous occasions to burn the children anytime she made efforts to go for her child.

Her father, Malik, who also spoke to said the suspect burnt the children after he had sent some young men to accompany his daughter to go for the kids Saturday dawn.

He said the matter has been reported to the Market-circle police in Takoradi.