Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Custodial dad arrested for abusing, starving 11-year-old daughter for two years; what happened to mom? (Korea)

This particular instance of child abuse by a custodial father took place in Korea, but the media obfuscations appear nearly everywhere.

Notice how the mother just suddenly "disappears" eight years ago. What happened to her? Nobody even bothers to ask. Given that Daddy kept this girl a virtual prisoner and beat her badly enough to cause rib fractures, isn't it even remotely possible he dished out similar treatment to Mom? (In reality, it's more than "remotely possible." It's statistically very likely.) So is she dead or "missing" under mysterious circumstances? Did this POS pull legal manoevers to force the mother out? This is in fact a very likely thing for a batterer to do, and they are remarkably successful at it.

Once again, the circumstances that put this child in harm's way--i.e. in the full custody of a violent dad--are erased. No one is held responsible.



Father arrested for abusing, starving daughter for 2 years

By Kim Se-jeong

Police, supervised by the prosecution, have arrested a man for abusing and starving his 11-year-old daughter for two years.

According to the Incheon Yeonsu Police, Sunday, they arrested the 32-year-old father on charges of child abuse. His live-in girlfriend and another friend were also charged with the same offense and arrested.

They allegedly confined the girl at home and did not provide enough food from 2013.

The unemployed father was a computer game addict and did not let her go to school. She told police that her father played computer games all day long except for when he ate and slept.

The abuse was brought to light after the girl fled home on Dec. 12 by climbing down pipes from her room on the second floor.

She tried to steal bread at a nearby supermarket but the owner caught her. Seeing that she was barefoot and wearing just shorts and a tee-shirt, he called the police.

The police took her to a hospital where she was found to have fractured ribs and bruises on her legs and arms. She said the father hit her with his fists, feet and sometimes steel pipes. She has since been hospitalized for treatment.

The girl said she often had to endure a week without any food but couldn't imagine running away as she feared her father.

When police found the girl, she was 120 centimeters tall but weighed only 16 kilograms, the standard weight for a four-year-old child.

The father was separated from the daughter's biological mother eight years ago, and was living off his girlfriend's paycheck. He admitted that he beat the girl, but claimed it was for discipline.

After treatment, police will send the girl to a counseling center.