Saturday, March 21, 2015

Dad charged with attempted murder of 6-week-old son; baby on life support (New Orleans, Louisiana)

A very typical shaken baby story. Mom apparently forced to work, even though the baby is practically a newborn still. Trigger-temper Daddy (unemployed? underemployed?) takes over "caretaking." Of course, everybody swears he's a "good guy" even though the moron thinks you can "discipline" a newborn infant for crying.

Why jerks like this need to get jobs and let moms take care of babies...

Dad is identified as MARTY MICHAEL MARCEL.

Baby fights for life, father charged with attempted murder
A man was arrested for shaking a 6-week-old baby who is now on life support.
WWL Jaclyn Kelley / Eyewitness News 6:21 p.m. CDT March 20, 2015
NEW ORLEANS - A Houma newborn is on life-support after Terrebonne Parish deputies say his father shook him, causing a major brain injury.
The father, Marty Michael Marcel, 26, is behind bars after being charged with attempted second-degree murder. Meanwhile, the 6-week-old boy is fighting for his life at Children's Hospital in New Orleans.
Back in Houma, friends and family said they were in complete shock after learning deputies arrested Marcel Thursday night for shaking the baby.
"I can't believe it at all, very shocking," says a friend, who asked not to be identified. "I'm still in shock."
Terrebonne Parish deputies say, on Sunday, the newborn's parents rushed him to the hospital after he started having seizures.
It was there that doctors discovered the baby had bruises on his body and damage to two thirds of his brain. An injury consistent with shaken baby syndrome.
"This child will never have a normal life and right now we are not sure if the child is going to make it or not, but if the child does make it he still won't be normal," says Major Malcolm Wolfe, with the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff's Office.
Deputies say Marcel was home alone with the baby while his mother was at work.
Marcel told investigators the newborn would not stop crying and that he was just trying to discipline the baby, but Marcel says he did not intentionally hurt his son.
"He is cooperating and is taking responsibility," says Wolfe. "He was in possession of child when the child was injured."
A close friend of Marcel's says he never thought he could be capable of something like this.
"What I knew, he was a good guy, you couldn't ask for better," says his friend. "Never had to deal with him, he's a quiet guy."
Marcel's friends says, as a father himself, his thoughts are with the newborn and the rest of the family during this difficult time.
"I hope they get through it, I hope the baby pulls through, that's the most that I hope," says the friend. "Anything else, that justice is served, but I just hope the baby pulls through this."
On Friday, the Terrebonne Parish District Attorney's Office charged Marcel with attempted murder and he remains behind bars on a $75,000 bond.
Anyone with information on the case is asked to call the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff's Office at 985-876-2500.