Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Dad gets probation for beating 8-year-old daughter, intentionally depriving her of sleep (Neosho, Missouri)

What the hell is wrong with this sadistic piece of sh**? His daughter falls asleep in school, so he puts her on forced marches as punishment? And then he can't figure out why she's exhausted, so he beats her? I think he knows very well what he's doing. And it's not "discipline" (however broadly defined). It's torture. It's meant to break and humiliate the victim.

If you subjected a political prisoner to this kind of treatment, it would be considered a human rights violation if not torture. Why is this any different?

So why is sicko daddy SCOTTY L. HUMPHRIES getting probation for this? Frankly I think the daughter's fears are correct. If somebody doesn't stop this sadistic creep, he will end up killing her. But of course, the courts are indulging him because she is "only" a female child and he is a father. Then if something horrible happens, they can all claim how "shocked" they are and how they have no idea what the motive was, and it's all just an unfathomable mystery, ya know?

Is there a mother in this home? Notice there is no mention of one.

Father receives probation in Neosho child-abuse case

Posted: Tuesday, March 24, 2015 6:58 pm
by Jeff Lehr

NEOSHO, Mo. — A Neosho man received a suspended sentence this week after pleading guilty to physical abuse of his 8-year-old daughter that included making her walk excessive lengths of time as punishment for falling asleep at school.

Scotty L. Humphries, 38, pleaded guilty to felony child abuse at a hearing Monday in Newton County Circuit Court. The defendant entered the plea in an agreement with the prosecutor's office that called for a suspended sentence. Circuit Judge Tim Perigo accepted the plea deal and assessed Humphries a five-year suspended term with five years on probation.

The defendant was charged with the offense last year following an investigation by the Newton County Sheriff's Department and child abuse investigators. According to a probable-cause affidavit, the girl told investigators that sometimes her father made her walk all day and that if she stopped walking or collapsed from exhaustion, he would spank her with a belt. She further stated that she was not allowed to eat the same food that others in their home ate.

The affidavit cites photographs of the child that showed bruising on her legs and behind, and injuries to her feet that appeared to be due to excessive walking. Investigators also obtained video that showed the girl lying on the ground because of exhaustion and crying out to her father: "You are going to kill me." On the video, Humphries grabbed the girl by her hair and her arm, and jerked her up off the ground. When she still would not walk, he took off his belt, causing her to begin running in fear of being struck with it.

The defendant told investigators that he would not be surprised if he had left bruises on her legs and behind. He also acknowledged making her walk all day long sometimes as punishment for falling asleep. He said he did so to make her stay awake. He also admitted making her eat different food from other children in the home because she tended to throw up her food, according to the affidavit.