Friday, June 6, 2014

Non-custodial dad charged with aggravated murder in death of 2-year-old son; boy killed during out-of-state visitation (Toledo, Ohio)

As so often happens, you have to read nearly all of this article to realize that dad SAMUEL OLIVER was a non-custodial father, and that this murder took place during his visitation time.

It is ridiculous for babies and toddlers to be subjected to out-of-state visitation, away from their mothers (the mom  in this case lives in Illinois). 

While we are told that there is no official child abuse record attached to the father, that doesn't mean he doesn't have a history of domestic violence and/or criminality in general. Notice that this history is not reported at all. Most of these guys do have a back story.

Also wonder if Mom was ordered by the courts to "facilitate" this visit, and whether she had concerns that were ignored or minimalized. This is also not reported.

$1 million bond set for father in death of son, 2


Within minutes of arriving at a Toledo hospital on Monday, 2-year-old Delayno Oliver died.

The toddler suffered multiple blunt-force injuries to his head and body, said Dr. Maneesha Pandey, Lucas County deputy coroner, who performed the autopsy on the boy.

On Wednesday Dr. Pandey ruled the death a homicide and Toledo police filed aggravated murder charges against Samuel Oliver, the boy's father.

Mr. Oliver, 21, of 3425 Nebraska Ave., was arraigned Thursday in Toledo Municipal Court and ordered to remain in the Lucas County jail in lieu of $1 million bond.

“As in most cases like this, we look for the most obvious suspects first,” said police Sgt. Joe Heffernan.

“All I can tell you is the detectives did a really awesome job investigating and coming up with evidence to charge him.”

The courtroom where Mr. Oliver was arraigned was crowded with his family.

One woman, described as his sister, was inconsolable as bond was announced and after the routine proceeding ended.

She struggled to leave the courtroom and was escorted by other family members as she sobbed heavily.

Family declined to comment after the arraignment.

On Monday, Mr. Oliver called 911 from his Nebraska Avenue home and said that his son was unresponsive.

Paramedics transported the boy to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Sergeant Heffernan declined to comment on where the assault occurred.

He also declined to comment if any weapons were used. A motive for the beating was not known. Police believe that Mr. Oliver acted alone.

Dr. Pandey said the toddler did not have any signs of previous injuries.

Dean Sparks, executive director of Lucas County Children Services, said the agency had no contact with young Delayno, whose primary residence is in Chicago with his mother.

The child protection agency also had no contact with Mr. Oliver or the woman with whom he lives, Mr. Sparks said.

There were two other children living at the Nebraska Avenue home; they are now staying with their grandmother, Mr. Sparks said.

“Our role now is to assure the safety of the surviving children,” Mr. Sparks said. “We’ve seen the other two kids. They’re fine, well cared for, not injured.”

Attempts to reach the toddler’s mother and a maternal uncle were not successful.