Monday, June 9, 2014

Dad slaughters three daughters, their mother in murder-suicide (Lee County, Florida)

Once again, we're subjected to the Nice Guy "loving dad" quote from the clueless neighbor, who obviously knew nothing about what SONNY ENRIQUE "QUIQUE" MEDINA was really like. And also the usual bull crap about how Daddy must have just "snapped."

The ignorance is appalling. There is plenty of research literature on family annihilators now. We know what makes these men (and most are men) tick. They are entitled narcissists who see their families as extensions of their own egos. As nothing but their possessions to keep or toss away as they see fit. So when Daddy goes for the big Daddy Drama thing, everybody else is just collateral damage.

Florida sheriff: Man guns down 3 daughters, wife, himself in ‘everyday USA’ mass killing

By David Edwards
Monday, June 9, 2014 8:52 EDT

Police in Florida believe a San Carlos Park man fatally shot his three children, his wife and then turned the gun on himself over the weekend.

Lee Sheriff Mike Scott told the Naples Daily News that 36-year-old Sonny Enrique “Quique” Medina left a note before shooting 29-year-old Maria Antonia Navas, 10-year-old Allison Navas, 6-year-old Sophia Medina-Navas, and 2-year-old Mia Medina-Navas early Sunday morning.

Scott declined to reveal the contents of the note due to an ongoing investigation. Scott called the incident the single-largest mass shooting in Lee County history.

“This is everyday USA behind me,” Scott said on Sunday as he was standing front of the crime scene. “Something snapped, something went terribly wrong. And we’ll never know the answer to why.”

WBBH reported that Enrique Medina may have been drunk after a party at the family’s home until early Sunday morning. But Scott said that the party was “not germane” to the shootings, according to Naples Daily News.

Neighbor Nathan Hovey said that his girlfriend, Jenny Brunt, heard a child scream sometime after 2 am.

“She heard a girl say, ‘You’re an evil man,’” Hovey recalled. “Then it was silence. Nothing.”

Karen Downare remembered Enrique Medina as a “kind, gentle, loving dad.”

“If you would have told me that it was possible for him to ever do this, I would have told you you’re a liar,” she insisted. “That it was not possible for that man to do that to his family.”